Our Plan

We’ve talked to thousands of Toms River residents, and we’ve heard your concerns. This is our plan, because Toms River Deserves Better!


  • We will rezone Toms River to disallow high-density, multi-family housing, reversing a decade of uncontrolled construction.
  • We will appoint Planning Board members and Zoning Board members who will fight for taxpayers, instead of developers.
  • We will work to purchase open space to prevent development.

Downtown Revitalization

  • We will encourage business and corporate investment in Downtown Toms River, using Red Bank as a model of success.
  • We will say NO to developers who push 10-story residential buildings that change the suburban feel of our town.
  • We will create ample, convenient parking to accommodate a thriving Downtown.
  • We will make the arts, music, and theatre in Downtown Toms River a priority.

Reducing Taxes

  • We will conduct an audit of township offices and departments to eliminate wasteful spending of tax dollars.
  • We will eliminate cushy, no-show jobs at Town Hall that have increased the tax burden on Toms River families.
  • We will end the friends-and-family hiring spree. Hiring should be based on qualifications and experience, not family connections.
  • We will find and create non-tax revenue sources, such as grants and private/public partnerships.
  • We will make bringing new business to Toms River a priority by approaching national brands and encouraging them to invest in Toms River.


  • We will fight the Murphy Administration to restore educational funding to our District, and require full transparency of the state formula for school funding.
  • We will coordinate township, law enforcement and school district resources to fight the opioid epidemic and to keep our schools safe.